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How It Works

Getting Started

Your first backup couldn't be easier. We will help load the backup agent on your system(s), and work with you to determine what to back up (not always a good idea, or cost effective to do everything).

You decide how often you want to backup, how many copies of your files you want us to store, and for how long, and whether you would like to keep weekly, monthly or yearly backups.

The very first backup may be over the internet, or we will supply a "seed server" that will take the first backup and then be brought back to our data centre to be incorporated into the system.

All subsequent backups are of changed data only, and are compressed, vastly reducing the storage required, and improving performance.

Day to Day Operation

Your backups are run by the agents, are de-duplicated, compressed and encrypted, then will be transmitted to our servers. Changed data older than your specified retention period is purged from the system. This ensures you use only as much storage as is required to keep the data you want to keep.


If you wish, you will receive an email report describing your backups, and if there were any errors they will be highlighted there.  If we see anything that concerns us we will get in touch with you.


You can also log into our portal to check your backups.


In a perfect world we never need to do this, but if you do, we provide options to make the process easy.


Our staff will guide you through the process if you need help, and you can choose to recover over the internet to your environment, to a cloud environment, to our servers, or to media which we can ship or deliver to you.


In most cases our pricing is based on the amount of data you store with us. We adjust this if you choose to backup more frequently than daily, if you want us to store your backup sin more than one location and if we provide you with a backup appliance on your premises.


Our prices are charged per GB per month, starting at 25c, but please contact us for a quote that suits your environment.


We also have special packages for small and large environments, to give you flexibility and predictability in your backup budget.


Security is everyone's concern and you are sensible to question how we do things.

Every backup we take is encrypted and protected by 256-bit encryption, and YOU keep the encryption password (REMEMBER - If you lose your encryption password we cannot access your backups, so keep it safe!).  If your environment requires a certain type of encryption we can also accommodate external encryption algorithms. On request we can also provision a VPN tunnel (IPSec) with your environment to provide absolute peace of mind.

You receive a secure login and password to your account on our portal, which is your means of reviewing your backups, checking on their success or failure, and recovering if required.

In terms of the backup agents themselves, they require only outbound access through your firewall on specific ports, further improving the security of the solution.

Our backup vaults are in Australian data centres with secured access and we do not use shared racks.

When we need to access our backup environments, only our authorised personnel are permitted access and we track this with an audit-able password manager.

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