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What We Do

Team Backup provides a variety of backup solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need onsite backup, a backup appliance, remote backup or backup to the cloud, we can help you achieve your goals, and offer great advice along the way


Our solutions are all designed with the recovery in mind. After all, there's no point backing up if you can recover your precious data. Our recovery options are nearly as numerous as the ways we can back up, and we'll help you discover the best solution for you.


Our people are all based in Australia, our servers are based here, and your data remains on-shore.

Online Backup and Local Backup

Our online backup is provisioned in a variety of ways.

You may choose to own and host your entire environment in-house, and simply use Team Backup to provide the support you need to keep your backup environment running efficiently.

Most of our customers choose to have at least part of their backup solution hosted by us in our Australian data centres. We can be your primary backup site, your replication recipient or both.


Data Recovery

So you've successfully backed up your system but now you need to restore. We can restore your data over the internet, to your servers or to the cloud. If your data volumes are too big to make this viable you might want to take advantage of our ability to restore your data to media, and simply ship these to you. Finally, in very large recoveries, we can restore your data to a self-contained server and bring it to you.

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